Learn from the best, our workshops are designed for all skill levels and hosted by professional artists. Corporate activities, double dates, artists looking to up their game, we tailor our workshops to fit your skill levels and interests. Our workshops include subjects such as: Graffiti, street art, mosaic, silk screening, guitar set up and more!
Two people bending down infant of mosaic for photo

Mosaic Workshop

$60 per person

2-3 hour workshop

The perfect workshop for all skill levels and ages. Our master mosaic artists will show you how you too master this ancient art form and do something totally fun with it. Recreate your favorite pixel art, do a portrait of your pet or go completely abstract! Mosaic making is a fun and colorful experience!

Person on a ladder painting an outside mural

Street Art/Graffiti Experience

$40 per person

1 hour workshop

1 hour activity where guests will get an intro to graffiti/street art and get to try their hand at doing some art on our jam walls! Instructor will give you a 10 minute intro into the history of urban art, show you some tips and tricks and then set you loose on our jam walls! Workshop will take place outdoors on our massive jam walls surrounded by murals by professional muralists and street artists. Each guests will also get an 8"x10" canvas or panel they can paint on and take home with them.


Don’t see the workshop you are looking for?

We work with many multi-disciplinary artists and connnect with us to customize an experience just for you!


“Stop Sign #1"
Painting, Speray Paint-30"x30"
“Angry Cloud COllab"
Painting, Mixed Media on Concrete- 12"x20”
Jeff Skele
“This is a Stick Up"
Painting, Mixed Media-30"x40"